Family Time

One of the things we like to do is go for walks together. It started way back when we lived in Nova Scotia and we would go for Sunday walks by the beach. And Tuesday walks. And whatever day it was. But most weeks especially Sunday walks. Well, if we need out of the house we still go for a walk. It’s free. And you get to enjoy beautiful creations of God. Sounds like a win win to me!
Last week we went on a walk and I had fun taking pictures. And so did Alden.
Budding Photographer
Alden has decided that he wants to learn to take pictures. I still have my old D80 around. I couldn’t sell it since some times it works and some times it doesn’t. So Regan and Alden have claimed it to be theirs.
While we were out walking, Alden said to me “mom, how about we have like photography classes were you teach me how to take good pictures….but I might need a new camera since this one doesn’t always work.”
I told him photo classes with us two would be great, but no new cameras would be coming to him any time soon.
The Hat
My mom makes all of us a new hat every year for Christmas. This was Eli’s this year. I love it and so does he. He calls it his Santa Hat.
Eli's Santa Hat
These two
They just love love love each other. And I love that they do.
I told him to smile and this is what I get. Totally him right now.
Totally a goof!
Cold winter in Southern Alberta. Love the spots of color!
I love to find plants that survive the winter. It gives hope in a lot of ways.
I love the days when the sun is shining and sparkling the snow. Those are the winter days I enjoy!
Dec 28: Our family
In my 365 this upcoming year, I am doing one family shot a month. This one was out on our walk. I propped my camera in the snow and timed it. Lucy was goofing around, Alden was shooting it too, Eli was happy to be here. I love this picture!


14 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. we love walks too. It is something I want to do more of this year with the kids. Love the family shot. I can’t quit wrangle to kids to stay put for doing a family shot on timer yet. Love the idea of a family shot a month 🙂

  2. Such a great picture and great idea to talk walks. I’m too whimpy in the winter though and tend to stay inside WAY more than I should 🙁 Course I do have the excuse that Lloydminster is wicked cold and rarely above -20 with wind chill.

  3. I so love that you are having photo classes with Alden! How great! And that last photo is priceless. What a great idea to get a family shot each month!

  4. I love your family picture!!! and that alden wants to learn photography. i’d go for walks too if it wasn’t so stinkin’ COLD!!! I’m SOOOOO not a cold weather person. wondering why i live in canada then? me too! hahaha

  5. I think it is so adorable that Alden wants you to teach him how to take pictures – and I love the family pic!

  6. 1. love that family photo
    2. love that you take family walks together.
    3. love that super cute hat on eli
    4. love that alden is using your old camera.

  7. It IS a great shot of you guys. Hey, is that Lucy’s hat that went missing, or a new one? Could you post the recipe for your spinach dip? So amazinginly yummy!

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