I love good bread. And I have gotten quite a few different recipes that make good but different bread. For example Naan bread and this basic white bread. A few years ago I did a personal challenge where I baked every recipe in the Baking Handbook by Martha Stewart and in there I found another bread  recipe I just love. Last night for our Back to School Feast  I wanted to have bread with the spaghetti and meatballs. So I made this wonderful bread! Every time I make it I love it. It seems like a long recipe, but it is really quite easy!!
Focaccia Bread 3I love the salt on top. Yum!



Focaccia Bread 2

I promise you’ll love this fabulous recipe from Martha!


Great with Minestrone, Gourdian Angel, Silly Greek Chili,  or a lovely pasta dish.

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