Yesterday’s treat

Crystal asked if I had ever thought of opening a bakery.
Not really.

My Grandma Stasiuk (mom’s mom) operated a bakery out of her home for years and did catering and weddings cakes and all kind of FOOD things for years and years and years. I am pretty sure she even would do about 5 dozen buns a week and a store would sell them (i’d be up for something like that… but how does one even START doing that?? who knows!)

My mom had a restaurant for a while and I used to help out after school which was fun but lots of work.

I have always wanted to try catering something, but there are so many other things that occupy my time. If I was going to be at a wedding I’d rather be taking pictures at it that cooking all the food. So it couldn’t be a wedding. I have done a few church dinners in past wards, which I LOVED and would love to do more in the future 🙂 And there is always Ukrainian Christmas. And that’s why I like to invite people over to eat lots. I haven’t done a homemade Chinese Food night in a while…. hmmm maybe soon.

Regan would like it if I got rid of a lot more of the baking I do I am sure (he says I am making him fat lately…. he’s not fat at ALL). I think I’m more of a donate baking kind of girl. Which speaking of that, I volunteered to make donuts for the Scout fundraiser they are having in our ward. So I got up early two Saturdays back and made 5 dozen donuts and 3 dozen long johns (and I had made a wedding cake a few days before) and called to ask someone if they could put the whipped cream on the top of the long johns and she told me it was the WRONG SATURDAY. And I had a wedding to shoot that afternoon. All that on the wrong day. So silly. So I took all the donuts to the wedding and they served them at the reception. I am so silly. hahahahahaha 🙂