Foto Friday: Our Year in Photos


Month 6 Week 1: Best Friends

For the first week of each month we’ll focus relationships.

My kids have been blessed with good friends wherever we have lived. Really we have been very blessed in our lives in that area! If you ask Lucy right now she’d still say Anise is her best friend even though Anise lives in Calgary for a year (although it’s almost done – hooray!) and they rarely get to see each other right now.
Lucy & Anise
PS I can’t help laugh at this picture of these two cause they are trying to be serious… but these two laugh ALL day long when they are together. They have inside jokes and are seriously nutty together.

She also has a Raymond best friend named Hadley.

Alden also says KAden (Anise’s brother).
05 January 2012

Although I’d say his best friend is Kolton from down the street (I need a picture of them together!)
or Ben from his class.

Really overall I think Lucy and Alden are best friends. But whenever I say that they say “she (or he) can’t be my best friend, she’s (or he’s) my sister (or brother)!”
14 May 2012

Eli says its Dad. 🙂
or James Baldry. (and he always calls him “James Baldry” which cracks me up 🙂
8 February 2012

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