Month 3 Week 4: Favorite Character or Movie.

For the fourth week of each month we’ll focus on details.

To know more about this project you can read my first post here.

Well this week I had a lot of fun taking my pictures 🙂 Lucy could never decide her favorite character or movie. She just kept saying but I love this book and this book and this book. So I never did take one of her but Eli and Alden both decided.

First up Eli. And this is his response. 🙂 Totally Inspired by my friend Caryle who did Superman pictures with her adorable son Jeran.

Our Year in Photos: Superman

We had some fun taking these this week 🙂

And Alden. Alden LOVES Mario. Love love love loves him and his silly games. This is totally inspired by one I found online.
I had wanted to do the whole family wearing a mustache…. but Eli would NOT wear it and Oliver was crying sooo no family Mario picture but here are the four that actually play the game 🙂

Our Year in Photos: Mario

My favorite part of this picture??? Regan’s face! And man, how a paper mustache makes my nose look big. Good thing I can NOT grow a real one. (whoops left out that not at first 🙂 )

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