Foto Friday: Our Year in Photos

Month 9 Week 1: Rooms in the House

First off, I have literally done NOTHING to my kids rooms yet. They are on the list to decorate, but they are not yet. I have lots of plans and even the paint colors already picked out but actually GETTING to it is a whole other thing!

Alden and Eli share downstairs. And their rooms is ALWAYS a mess. Alden tries blaming it on Eli, but it was a mess before Eli moved in… so nice try Alden 🙂 (look at those goofs showing off….)
Alden & Eli

Lucy has her own room. And is quite sad about that fact. She keeps asking if when Oliver gets older they can share and have bunk beds. I keep telling her her only chance is if our next baby is a girl.

Oliver just got his own room not that long ago when we moved Eli downstairs. I am so excited about the things I have to decorate his room with. Again it’s that whole getting it done thing. I need to hire someone to come in and paint and then I could have is room done in like 2 days. I have everything!! For now it’s just plain jane! I haven’t even taken Eli’s pictures out of the room from when it was his!

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