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A few years ago I started making Macrons. They are a finicky cookie that can be changed easily color and taste with a little food coloring and flavoring. But I started making them at Christmas time as a neighborhood gift. I love how fancy they look and I love the airy almond taste of them.

Christmas Cookies: French Macarons | Just Rhonda

I’ve try a few different recipes (like this one) but I’ve settled on this one. I like it best. It only has 4 ingredients, unless you want to add food coloring or a flavor.

Christmas Cookies: French Macarons | Just Rhonda

I’ve learned a few tips from all the times I’ve made them. I’m sure there are more to learn, but these are the few I’ve learned.

  1. Leave the egg whites in a bowl in your fridge for 24 hours before baking and then set them on the counter to come to room temperature before using.
  2. When you pipe them, hold your piping bag straight up and down from your pan and don’t lift it until the very end of the cookie.
  3. To know if your egg whites are mixed enough, you slowly raise the whisk the meringue is straight up, no  drooping, called a ‘beak’ but do not over mix the meringue or it will ‘break’
  4. After you have piped them, if you have a bump on the top, wet down your finger and touch the top to flatten it.
  5. Let the cookies sit on the counter before cooking them.
  6. Let them cool before trying to peel them off the parchment paper.

Christmas Cookies: French Macarons | Just Rhonda


Joy of Baking totally has a GREAT video that shows her making them and there were lots of things I learned while watching it.
Christmas Cookies: French Macarons | Just Rhonda

The blue ones I made for a mom who placed an order for her child’s baptism. They are coconut flavored but the blue matched the decor 😉 To make them coconut I just added some coconut flavoring to the icing. The white are just regular almond.

Such a fun little treat. I like making them more and more to get better at them and I love sharing them with others at Christmas time!

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