A while ago a few people asked my favorite apps for kids. Here are 5 my 2 year old looooves.

Endless ABCs

Oliver loves this game. And is really good at it. Almost strangely so. (I put a video on instagram of him doing it) He often will point to letters now when we are out shopping or other places. Great app. Yes it is $3.99 ¬†and that is a lot for an App but probably one of the most used one we’ve got!

I Hear Ewe

A Free app where the kids touch pictures of animals and vehicles to hear what they sound like. (I had NO idea a rhino sounded like that!) ūüôā

Pepi Bath

This game is all about bodily care. It is kinda funny but really covers things kids need to learn! $1.99

Cutie Monsters

Some of these are a little tough for Oliver but he loves the app all the same! $2.99

Truck Shadows

Any boy who loves machines will love this one! It took him a couple tries to figure out how to match the shadows but he’s totally got it now!

Another week I’ll share the ones my older kids love…..And I just have to add that Oliver isn’t really allowed THAT much time on the iPad (or any other screen).. but he does get SOME time.