Since baby number five is coming along soon, I’ve been in a bit of a nesting stage. At least in the last week or so. I got rid of a lot of baby things. Well most, besides the things Oliver is still using. (Since we thought he was the last!) And now that it’s time to get ready for another baby I’ve been thinking about what is necessary. There are LOTS of things out there to buy for babies. It is a million dollar industry. And a lot of it is completely unneeded. My list of necessary 12 things for a babies arrival.

1. Sleepers with Zippers. My favorite brand? Carters! I love that they are long and skinny. Just like my kids usually are.

2. Swaddling Blankets. Love these from Basic Grey!

3. First Meals Cookbook. I think this is the best cookbook about feeding kids. There are lots of others I think are great, but this covers all your basics for any first time mom. (or fifth time.)

4. A freezer Meal or 2…. or 6. I have an entire pinterest board to crockpot and freezer meals. Lots of good links.

5. A good camera and some memory cards. A fancy camera will do you no good taking pictures of your new baby if you don’t know how to USE it! Have one you know how to use before the baby comes. Then you can do a project like I did with Oliver where I took a picture  every day for the first 30 days.

6. Tucks (for healing). Giving birth is… well painful. And tearing is a real part of it. A painful part. These little beauties really help out with the healing part. 

7.  A glider Rocking Chair. Over the years of my small babies I have had 3 different gliders. All hand me downs. And finally we have one that is nice. And it is the BEST thing EVER. I wish we would have just saved up in the beginning and bought a real one! It would have lasted the whole time! This is a nice one from Toys R uUs.

8. A nice journal to write in. Or even better Project Life.

9. Baby Carrier. My favorites??  Are my baby bjorn….  and I finally have a sling I LOVE. Regan’s cousin gave it to me and I love using it in the first few weeks especially. I need to get it out and get it accessible for #5.

10. A good Water Bottle. Breastfeeding makes you thirsty!!! My favorite is a new one I have with a straw. Best ever.

11. Healthy snacks. Like muffins and lots of fresh cut up fruit and veggies.

12. Clean, Soft Washcloths and diapers. Lots and lots of diapers. 🙂

And a few Things that are extra but oh so nice….

1. Sleeper Gowns. (From Carter’s again!) Yep even for little boys. They are seriously the nicest thing to have your baby in in the beginning when you are changing a million diapers.

2. A Sleep sack. Never had one of these until Oliver (although his didn’t look like this girly thing!) and I love them!

What do YOU Think is a must for a having a new baby around???