This is me and my Grandma Stasiuk.
My Grandma and Me
(Thanks to my brother Sean for taking this shot of us at my mom & dad’s.)
She is my mom’s mom.
She was a caterer for over 10 years.
She still loves to bake and cook.
She just turned 89.
She lives with my parents.
She had a bakery in her kitchen for about 40 years.
She has five kids, twenty one grandkids, forty five great grandkids and four great great grandkids.
She is very kind and sweet.
She loves with food and hugs.
Every time I find some recipe I think is cool to try, I call Grandma and she says “yep, i’ve done that before too”
A year ago I started a project that she had dreamed of for years.
And now it’s all done and printed.

It’s a bunch of recipes she loves.
Lots she’s made up.
I’ve used lots of them even before the book when I phone grandma and say I am doing this for this and I was kind of thinking of something that has these ingredients, does that exist and how to I make it and she always has the answers.
I love having her close and seeing her way more often!
And yes, I think my love of cooking came straight down the generations and hit me square in the face.
I had no chance 🙂