Hailey and Connor are getting married

These two came down and met up with me in Waterton for our engagement shoot. It was a lovely evening in Waterton and we had fun together capturing these two together.

Where did you first meet? We met when I first moved to Edmonton through friends.

When did you realize that you wanted to marry each other? There was no defined moment but many little moments made me realize how perfect we were for each other 🙂

What kinds of things do you like to do together? Go to movies, visit banff, hangout with family,

Where did the proposal happen and how? Bowness park which is where we went on our first date together

Tell me about your favorite date you’ve had together: Not sure if this counts as a favorite but it is definitely one of the most memorable. It was our 2nd date he took me to bowness park planning on starting a fire to roast some marshmallows. He had some troubles starting the fire so he thought pouring some gasoline on the fire would help. As he was pouring the gasoline the whole water bottle lit up like a fire ball in his hand. He then chucked it and as it was flying through the air gasoline fire was raining onto the ground. I looked over at his face and he was in panic mode trying to put out the fire. I try to make light of the situation at the beginning because i didn’t know him very well and I was still trying to make a good impression haha. It was spreading fast up a near by tree. We both start trying to stop it out and as I am doing so my shoe starts to catch fire. At this point in my mind I remember debating to call 911 but then Connor comes back with some ice from a cooler someone had dumbed on the ground. We through it on the fire as fast as we could and it slowly went away.

One word that would describe you two together is: Inseparable

I can’t wait for their August Wedding in Calgary! I haven’t done one in the Calgary LDS Temple yet and I’m excited to shoot there!

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  • May 25, 2017 - 9:34 pm

    Liana Kearl - thank you Rhonda for capturing such a special time. We love these and will treasure them for years to come! Liana