In the Craft Room: Halloween Decorations

So I got all Halloween’d up. Regan is not a fan of Halloween. He would have no qualms with saying Halloween is OVER. Doesn’t exist any more. HATES it. Just putting that out there. I don’t like all the yucky too creepy stuff. But I think the pumpkins are fun. And hello Candy. mmmm

Anyways, I decorated the house up.
Made this book pumpkin with the tutorial I saw online – I’ll try and find it for you. Really you just cut the book into the shape. Rip off the cover and glue it too cardboard. Add a stick. Ink it.
Found this frame in my random box of extra frames, painted it black. Added some Basic Grey patterned paper. Added some numbers cut out of old book pages and inked them up.
Bought this frame and painted it black, added some cute ribbon, felt, old book pages and some Martha Stewart Halloween stickers.
Found this cute banner at Micheal’s. Just popped it together.
Halloween Banner
Wooden pumpkins. Found the wood chunks in my backyard. Eli and I painted them last week. Added the stems and ribbon yesterday.

And this for the table.

I still am going to make one of these cute wreaths too!

Do you decorate for Halloween?
How do you feel about Halloween?


19 thoughts on “In the Craft Room: Halloween Decorations

  1. I don’t really have any Halloween decorations but I would love to get more. It’s a fun holiday, but I agree that I am not too much of a fan of the icky grossness that comes with it too.

  2. I hate Halloween too but not for any other reason than I hate all the preparation. I used to decorate and will again if I ever find myself settled in a house where my decorations aren’t so “stored” and hard to get to. I truly hate getting costumes ready, that is by far the worst part.

    Last year Holden woke up Halloween morning with a fever so I cancelled it entirely. I did not want them going to from house to house picking up the swine flu so I gave them all the candy I had bought for the trick or treaters and bought them some movies and ordered pizza. They had fun and I offered it as a yearly tradition if I never had to buy or make or think about halloween costumes ever again.

    They didn’t fall for it…..

  3. I don’t decorate for Halloween but I do decorate for Thanksgiving. Love the autumn season! We don’t celebrate Halloween due to our beliefs. To be honest, I think the concept of dressing up cute and going door to door for candy is adorable. I have no probs with that. But it’s the scarey/creepy/gory stuff that I have issues with. My son is 7 now…so cute has been gone for a while for his age group…it’s all about the darker stuff.

    Just wanted to mention, I think your pumpkin book is adorable!!

  4. I Love Halloween. I Love the spiders and gracestones, vampires and werewolves. I have a storage shed that is half filled with halloween decorations I have collected over the years (the other half is christmas) Some are things we have made and then there is the cool stuff like the fog machine that adds the sppoky factor to my Haunted Yard I do every year. I am not sure if I will be able to do it this year with everything I am strugling with, but I hope I can keep things a traditional as always. The boys love making slime and witch’s brew jelo salad. No party this year but hopefully we will still be able to have fun. Maybe my love of the “Icky” includinf fake blood is why I had so many boys 😉

  5. Such fun ideas! I went to get some stuff the other day (at Walmart because it’s close and I can’t walk much) but it was a failed trip. Maybe if I can ever walk again before Halloween I can hit up some better stores in Winnipeg…because after seeing these um I just wanna!!

  6. Love your decorations, Rhonda! I love how you have such simple stuff that looks so cute! This is the first year I’ve done anything for Halloween (mostly ‘cuz we have Paxton now). I bought some window stickers and a pumpkin today. We’ve never handed out candy though so not sure if we’re doing that this year.

  7. I love Halloween! One of my favorite holidays, I just find it all so fun. The black and orange, the dressing up, and of course the candy! It is killing me that I can’t decorate my own house this year. I think Roman and I might decorate my moms while she is gone this weekend. Very cute decorations you made! Love the book pumpkin, have that bookmarked! I bookmark all these things, but you actually do them and they turn out so awesome. I need to get my butt in gear!

  8. oh i just love all these decorations! i have about no decorations for halloween so i should just make all of these. i like halloween, everything but the trick or treating, could they just cut that out? just party’s and dress ups.

  9. I love the cute stuff about Halloween, not the ghoulish scary stuff. And ohhhhh, the chocolate.
    We do decorate, but pathetically compared to your fun new decor!

  10. wow, this is awesome! i’m kinda like regan when it comes to halloween but i love all the pumpkins and fall colours. however, your decorations are soooo cute. i love that book pumpkin and those painted pumpkin blocks. i’m hoping you are going to do some christmasy stuff like those for your show. how is the prep going?

  11. Thanks for sharing. I always like to see Halloween decor and yours is great because it isn’t over the top, but still has a good feel to it. I love to do all the fun crafts and food that go along with the holiday but I don’t really decorate my house. I decorate for fall and then Christmas.

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