I have a slight love affair with puff pastry. (You can see other recipes I’ve used it in here and here. ) A few weeks ago I was making supper and came up with this easy number.



It is a real easy supper and it looks fancy too. All you need is one box of puff pastry, one package of Ham, some Swiss Cheese and some Dijion mustard.


Inside that box of puff pastry there are two long packages of puff pastry. You need both.


First up chop all that ham up.

RLS_0822Roll out one of the packages.  RLS_0823

Sprinkle on the ham, trying to keep it off the edges.


Cover with cheese.

RLS_0825 Spread a little mustard on the top.RLS_0828

Pull out the other puff pastry and stretch it a tiny bit while laying it on top of the other one.


Using a fork, crimp the edges with the fork. RLS_0832

Just like that.


Add some slits in the top for steam.


Then bake it at 475 degrees for 15 – 20 minutes or until it’s golden brown.RLS_0896

I’ve made it a few times and often serve it with salad.



RLS_0898That’s it. Easy, quick supper.


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