Regan and I haven’t done a ton of traveling. And if we have gone places we book a hotel and flights and call it planned. One time I think we booked a car ahead of time. We just kinda get there and then find things to do. The couple we went to Hawaii with are much more about planning to make sure you can do the things you want to do. So we had some fun things planned for when we got there and they did lots of research to find the best of things on the islands. It was great for us (they did all the work) and we benefited from it! ūüėČ We did the helicopter ride the first day we got there. A few of the other things we did over the trip that were lots of fun:

1. Zipline with Just Live.  I had my camera with me and I took lots of pictures, but one of the guides had a Gopro camera on his chest and he took pictures and videos and we got those too.





This was one of our guides….. he was hilarious… and a pretty sweet photo boom-er. ūüėČ


Along with the zip line there was also a huge swing you could go on. This is Regan on the left going up and on the right swinging down.


Jodi on the way up and on the way down.


2. Paddle Boarding: Regan, Mike and Jodi all ¬†tried this. (I laid on the beach and took pictures and read a book….)



3. Tubing Adventure with Adventure in Hawaii: This was SUPER fun!!! You wear helmets with lights on them and then you ride through underground tunnels with a whole group of people. After the ride they feed you lunch at a great lunch spot and swimming hole.



4. Snorkeling:

RLS_5265 5. Kalalau Trail: Regan and Mike decided last minute to do a hike on the coast of the Kauai highway. When they first got there the guide at the bottom told them there was no way they would have enough time. But they went quickly and made it up and back the 6 hour hike in under 3. They were really muddy and messy when they got back. And we were going right to the plane.



RLS_6185 So many many fun adventures were had in our 10 days!