We just got back from 10 days in Hawaii. And it was wonderful. Just Regan and I (the kids had fun with their grandmas & grandpas at home) and another couple Mike and Jodi. We did lots of adventurous things. And on our first day there we did something I don’t know that I would have normally done. It was VERY adventurous! We flew with Jack Harter helicopters in an open door helicopter on a tour around Kauai. I am not normally afraid of heights. But I’ve never been up like that! You have to tie back your hair and you can’t have anything in your pockets because of the wind. I was so freaked out! hahaha! I was beautiful and amazing, yes. But oh my was I freaked out!


This was just the beginning and I was like, ok, I’m ok…. ok…. They do this all the time…. I’m strapped in here….


And I kept talking to myself like that the whole time…. Yes it was amazingly beautiful. It was really cold. They tell you to wear pants and before I went I was like this is so dumb. Nope. I wish I had a warmer jacket on too!


We saw soooooo many waterfalls. Amazing.


I brought my AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II lens and it was great for zooming into things. Part of the time I was wishing I had a short lens length on so that I could get wide views. But there certainly was no lens changing up there.


The fog really added to the beauty of it all.  And funnily enough, our pilot was from Alberta. 🙂


It really was an amazing experience. Yes, it was expensive. But it is a chance of a lifetime kind of thing. And even though I was pretty scared I am glad I did it.


I’ve got lots more to share about our trip and a LOT more pictures too. I’ll be sharing for the rest of the week all about it.


Have you every ridden in a  helicopter  like this and if you haven’t would you give it a shot?