One of the things that come to mind when you think about food and Hawaii is Macadamia Nuts. (Which until I tried to type this, I always thought it was mac-a-dame-e-in nuts.) We saw some growing over there and in my mind that is something truly Hawaiian. Funnily enough, the first trees actually came from Australia. They were brought to Hawaii and planted in the 1920s and that is when they started to gain international attention. Australia is still the biggest exporter of them (40% of the world’s macadamia nuts). Some how they are still often thought of as a Hawaiian thing.


Well I wanted to have some more of this Hawaiian-but-actually-Australian-thing in my life here in Southern Alberta. So I went on the look out to find some and had success at the bulk barn. I brought home a big bag and then a few days later I was looking through an old  cookbook and found this recipe in one of the first cookbooks I bought when Regan and I got married. I’ve had this book for over 12 years. It is literally falling apart. I had never made this recipe until now and I loved it!!


My hubby and kids all loved it too!





They are perfect  for sharing with a friend.


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