I was looking through my Hawaii pictures last night and seeing that I still have lots of other things to share. One of my favorite things we did happened when we stumbled across a Hindu temple. I love checking out Religious places like churches and temples. Religion plays such a big part in my own life, that I love to see how other religions practice and live. This place was totally cool and so beautiful!


All over Kauai you can see these neat trees called Banyan Trees. They were by far one of the coolest things to me. You can read more about them here. Essentially the trees sends out piles and piles of prop roots that spread the tree further and further. Each one of these little and big roots also goes to the ground and form roots. They make the tree wider and stronger. The biggest one in Kauai I think they said was 14 feet wide. The statue in the pictures below was completely inside a tree. We could walk into it. It was the coolest thing. And I as I sat in those trees and saw them over and over to me they had spiritual representation. The more experiences we have with faith the stronger and more “rooted” we become. It was just the coolest!

banyantreeI really really loved the beauty and peace we found in this little stop on Kauai. Do you like to check out different religions from your own to see how they worship?


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