Homemade Christmas

I thought I’d share some of our decorations that are around the house.
A lot of them (as in most) I’ve made. (get ready for lots of pics!)

First up our tree. It is a GREAT tree this year (got it at Save On Foods)
Notice Eli standing in front of it. As soon as i get out my camera lately he wants to be in the picture and then see himself on the back of the LCD monitor. He’s a goof ball 🙂 (And our stuffed Nativity set the kids play with! Love it too! MIL gave it to me!

Made these at Super Saturday in Calgary last year. SO easy!!

These stars I found a folding patten online, then downloaded it and cut them out of Bazzill texture cardstock and folded away. Then hung them up! I love them! And can’t beat the price! It’s all cardstock.

Now these I am ALSO loving!!! I made a whole whack of them! For my birthday Regan got me a slice. (i LOVE IT!) and I saw someone made these last year and I have wanted to do them since! SO easy! Cut them all out and fold them in half and glue four together! Done!

My friend Jena gave me this when I lived in Nova Scotia. I have three different sizes and I love them all! She made them.

A special ornament my mom gave us all last year. It came with a cute little poem about how real Angels don’t have wings but to keep this feather to remind us of a loved one gone for Kelly.

Oh how I LOVE my angel. It’s so ME! Love love love it!

I love this row of trees! Some are from Super Saturday, some are the craft I did with my SIL’s on Reg’s side.

My advent Calendar

SUPER easy decoration: Tree garland. Bought a package from Micheal’s and then just strung them together on white ribbon! Lucy and I did this one together one morning this week.

Stuffed Christmas Trees: Real easy too!

A yearly tradition at our house. We’ve been cutting out snowflakes since the year we were married!

An easy little craft I made with the left over stars from my star ornaments. All cut on the slice.

A little banner for the window also made with my slice. 🙂

And gotta add the tree at night

And for fun effect….

Next up Kids crafts we’ve done this year so far!!


15 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas

  1. Rhonda, I just love all your decorations. Are you sure you don’t want to come to my house and have a super saturday?!?!? I could use one! 🙂

    Love the new banner too – it’s gorgeous!

  2. We do snowflakes too. I took a few pics of my Christmas decor last week, but haven’t posted them yet. You’ve motivated me to share them.
    I LOVE your angel too, and I love that your decorations are homemade.

  3. Rhonda – do you still have the pattern for the stuffed trees? I made my little forest a few years back and I only made the mini ones and now I want to make big trees, but I cannot find the pattern anymore. If you have it, can you post it please??!! Thanks.

  4. Love the red stars! And the glass ball with the feather inside! Also LOVE the muffin-tin advent calander – that’s ingenious!!! I’ve really been looking for a neat advent calander, but have trouble finding one that I want (at least one that I can afford!). That’s a GREAT idea – hmmm, maybe next year. . .

  5. You take incredible photos, that’s what I thought right away. Especially seeing the great ones of your ornaments. I cannot get good ones of mine on the tree to save my life. Then I saw you’re a photographer, okay..figures:) Really lovely images and creative ideas. I just saw those foam trees and thought I know there is something I could do with these. Now I know! The stuffed trees are pretty darn adorable too.

  6. You’ve been featured on my blog. You can go over and see it and on the right side bar I have a button–I’ve been FEATURED on It’s So Very Cheri. You can post it on your side bar letting people know.

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