I thought I’d share some of our decorations that are around the house.
A lot of them (as in most) I’ve made. (get ready for lots of pics!)

First up our tree. It is a GREAT tree this year (got it at Save On Foods)
Notice Eli standing in front of it. As soon as i get out my camera lately he wants to be in the picture and then see himself on the back of the LCD monitor. He’s a goof ball 🙂 (And our stuffed Nativity set the kids play with! Love it too! MIL gave it to me!

Made these at Super Saturday in Calgary last year. SO easy!!

These stars I found a folding patten online, then downloaded it and cut them out of Bazzill texture cardstock and folded away. Then hung them up! I love them! And can’t beat the price! It’s all cardstock.

Now these I am ALSO loving!!! I made a whole whack of them! For my birthday Regan got me a slice. (i LOVE IT!) and I saw someone made these last year and I have wanted to do them since! SO easy! Cut them all out and fold them in half and glue four together! Done!

My friend Jena gave me this when I lived in Nova Scotia. I have three different sizes and I love them all! She made them.

A special ornament my mom gave us all last year. It came with a cute little poem about how real Angels don’t have wings but to keep this feather to remind us of a loved one gone for Kelly.

Oh how I LOVE my angel. It’s so ME! Love love love it!

I love this row of trees! Some are from Super Saturday, some are the craft I did with my SIL’s on Reg’s side.

My advent Calendar

SUPER easy decoration: Tree garland. Bought a package from Micheal’s and then just strung them together on white ribbon! Lucy and I did this one together one morning this week.

Stuffed Christmas Trees: Real easy too!

A yearly tradition at our house. We’ve been cutting out snowflakes since the year we were married!

An easy little craft I made with the left over stars from my star ornaments. All cut on the slice.

A little banner for the window also made with my slice. 🙂

And gotta add the tree at night

And for fun effect….

Next up Kids crafts we’ve done this year so far!!