Regan is just the best dad there is because
• he takes the kids on bike rides so I can have some more time to edit pictures
• he makes up stories with characters the kids suggest
• he uses voices in his readings sometimes
Dad's Day 2010
• he gets the kids all excited about whatever it is
• he has the MOST patience EVER. I’ve seen him “lose his temper” (which compared to the rest of human family would not be losing a temper AT ALL) like twice
• he gets up at 530 am with Eli and takes him for runs on some mornings
• he is a completely involved father, changing diapers, giving baths, wiping snot, etc
• he explains things and talks to kids about his work and his day (which often amazes and impresses Alden immensely)
• he wrestles and plays with them over and over and over
Acting for the camera
• he helps me be more patient with them by giving me the “calm down” look or with a hand on my shoulder
• he teaches them to love me and respect me with his actions and his words
Just the boys
• he bears his testimony of God to them often and teaches them the words of the scriptures
• he is a great example of serving others and fulfilling his duty to God in his actions
• he brings a sense of fun and laughter to our home
• he encourages them to be their very best
• he reads with Alden and works with him on his school work
All this and for so very much more I am so grateful for this man.