So this Apron.
Front and Back
This was what the party guests that came to Lucy’s Bake Shop Party got instead of a gift bag. I found the material for clearance price at Marshall’s here in Lethbridge. Both the pink and the gray. It was like $3 a meter. So super cheap.
1. Cut out the shape for the apron of the pink. I had another apron that I used as a pattern for the shape, but really it’s the chef apron shape. kwim?
2. Fold over the very bottom of the apron over and sew closed (to give it a finished edge) and sew on the strip of lace.
the lace trim
3. The sew bias tape across the chest top. You can see it in this picture. After you sew that on, start at the bottom left side start sewing the bias tape along the edge going up the sides and the leaving a loop at the top big enough for the heads and then back down the other side. (clear as mud?)
Modelling the apron

Adding the ruffle.
Cut your strip of gray long. I mean I made them 1.5 m long.
Fold them in half lengthwise and then sew down the sides and one edge so you have a long tube that is open on one end. Turn it inside out.
Iron it flat and then pinning it down, tuck so you get a kind of ruffle and sew it down, making sure you sew around the whole waste tie to get the end closed too.
The ruffles
Make sense?
If something doesn’t make sense, let me know and I’ll try and explain it better.
I made 8 of them in about 3 hours. Super easy. And i love bias tape. I wish I had some in every color 🙂

And look…. we’ve got one to share.
One extra
So let me know if you want it 🙂