Since making the ruffly apron for Lucy’s friend Amy’s birthday,

I decided to make an adult version. And I am going to try and explain how to make it. And then I’m going to open it up as a giveaway. So if you aren’t going to make one and you just want to skip to that, then scroll down 🙂

First you need two pieces of plain material for the back and the backing to the ruffles. I used plain muslin that I had around. I cut out two of these shapes.
(for a little girl one I made it 8″ wide at the top with 20″ wide at the bottom and 20″ long.)

Then cut out seven 8″ wide strips that are at least 6″ longer than the width of the apron. This drawing should explain that more.
So the gray shows the strips and how their lengths that should overlap. You also need one piece to cover the top of the apron like the top gray square.

Then you are going to start sewing your ruffles. Finish the bottom edges by folding them over twice and sewing them.
I used the quick method of making a ruffle by turning up my tension and my stitch size and high as possible. It practically ruffles it for you. And i love it 🙂

Sew your top bodice piece on your backing fabrics first. Then start sewing your ruffles on from the bottom up. Layering them.
The bottom ruffle needs to hang OVER the bottom of the backing muslin. The top ruffle should leave a gap from the top bodice piece.

Put the good side of your extra muslin (that you first cut out) onto the good side of your ruffly apron. And sew down the sides and the top but NOT the bottom. Leave it completely open. You will be sewing down your ruffles, so make sure they are pinned in place!!
Then turn your apron top inside out. And carefully sew the bottom closed sewing ONLY the two pieces of muslin together and leaving your ruffle alone. It’s a little awkward but I think you can figure it out 😉

Then using bias tape start at the bottom corner and sew the edges of the apron, sewing up and around to make a strap for the neck, making sure you start at the bottom edge of the bottom ruffle. You can make your own bias tape which is what I did (there are LOTS of tutorials online to show you how to do that) or just buy some that matches.

Last thing you need is a waist strap!! Cut another two 8″ wide strap that will be long enough to go around you. Sew them together good sides together and turn them inside out. Sew them right on top of the apron.
And viola. You are done!!

Regan took these pictures last night. And well, they are blurry (he said his heart just wasn’t into it 🙂 ) but he did tell me I had to pose so you could see it in action. So this is me pretending to put something into the oven at 1030 at night. hahahahaha

I’m linking it up to a Soft Place to Land and Sew Cute Tuesday and Today’s Creative Blog

So here is the deal.
One entry for a comment.
Another one for being a follower.
And another for blogging about the giveaway. Good luck!
I’ll leave this giveaway until Friday!