Valentine’s Day Sensory Bowl

I wanted to do something with my two youngest that they would enjoy. Eli doesn’t really play with much at all. Then I saw an idea on a blog. Adapted it a bit to what I had and what I could find at the dollar store and viola!!
A Valentine’s Day Sensory Bowl. Well I put it in two different bowls so they each can have their own and play beside each other.
In the bowl is dried beans, foam hearts, V-Day confetti, heart bracelets and lots of measuring cups and funnels to play with. Everything except the beans came from the dollar store. Those are from the grocery story and also very cheap!

I am going to put it into a clear container. But I don’t have one yet. So the bowl just sits on the top of my fridge for now.

Lucy loves it and Eli comes and goes from it. (but that’s the way he rolls!) Alden even wanted to play with it a bit when he was home from school!
And YES they totally get beans and other stuff all over the floor while they play. And you know what? I just sweep it up when they are done and put in back in the bowl 🙂


8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Sensory Bowl

  1. We went to a play place the other day that had a kiddie pool filled with beans. Eliza and Delia both loved it. I thought it would be fun to do at our house, but then Eliza thought the funnest thing was throwing the beans out of the pool, so I’m thinking maybe when she’s a little older:)

  2. cool!!! We had a rice ‘table’ – I filled a big flat clear rubbermaid tote thing with rice – and then the kids spent many happy hours playing in it. Measuring cups, pouring, buried treasure, whatever. Cheap and easy to clean up.

  3. How cool is that!! What a good Mama you are to provide such rich experiences for your little ones. And I love your new wall with the clipboards! Such a good use of space and fabulous organization tip.
    ((( HUGS )))

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