I don’t know about you but there are papers around here. Piles of papers. From school, bills, church papers, renewal slips, artwork by the kids, handouts, and a whole lot of other ones.

I didn’t know what to do with them, but after I couldn’t find the paper I was supposed to fill out to register Lucy in preschool for next year (i am registering her in both preschool and kindergarden since we haven’t made up our mind which she is doing yet).

This wall has been bothering me for a while…

SO I combined them and these…

And got this.
One clipboard for each of us (Eli doesn’t really have papers yet…)

Soon all the Christmas cards on the dry erase board will be put into the scrapbook album – but I haven’t gotten there yet….So just image that empty (hahahahaha)

And I’ve always wanted a poster of the Keep Calm one. So I made one myself and printed it off at costco to fit the 12×12 frame I already had. So if you’d like one you could let me know and I’d email it to you. Cause that will make you comment and cause I like you. ūüôā