I like Valentine’s Day. I think that it’s fun. And cute. It reminds me of my dad showing me love (he’s more of a keep it inside kind of a guy).

Last year I made a mailbox for our family. and I was being a reuse kind of girl. I recovered a big cereal box and made it cute. But when we moved it didn’t fare so well.

So I got a new idea instead! I bought one of those gold mailboxes at a second hand store for $2 and made this with it.

Along the top it says:

It’s more durable and I even like it better. And it’s ACTUALLY a mail box 🙂 Gotta get everyone in the family to fill it with love notes to each other now!

And my heart that I made a few weeks ago was driving me a bit crazy. It was thicker on one side than the other.

Here it is fattened up 🙂 I feel much happier with it now 🙂