Cookbook Review: Small Batch Preserving

Small Batch Preserving
by Ellie Topp and Margaret Howard

This is one great book! I have really enjoyed this book on canning!! It covers how to’s. It covers jams, jelly’s, conserves, relishes and pickles. Lots of recipes that are unusual and totally good!
I’ve made Pear Raspberry Jam, Peach Pear Jam with Lime and Sweet and Chunky Apple Butter.
I bought the book at chapters for $19.95. If you like canning at all, go and get it!


3 thoughts on “Cookbook Review: Small Batch Preserving

  1. I have had this book for years and so does my mother in law after she read mine. Love that it makes small batches. I am making jelly today! I wish more people canned so I could trade.

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