The first time I made Navajo tacos (or as you call them when you grow up in Cardston area – Indian Tacos) Regan took one bite and said to me “why have you kept this from me for so long?” And then he went on to devour 3 more of them.

By then we’d been married for four years and had lived in Lethbridge and then moved out to Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia (8 months pregnant no less) and then moved into our own house in Eastern Passage, NS.

I can’t remember why I thought of making them. But some day while was making a sweet dough, probably for buns or donuts or cinnamon buns (since I use the same dough for all of those that you can find here) I made Navajo tacos for dinner. And apparently Regan was smitten.

Well since then I’ve tried to make them for dinner most days that I bake anything sweet dough related.

If you don’t know what a Navajo Taco is, then you obviously didn’t go to high school in Cardston, where they had Native American Awareness days and would serve them in the lunch room.

Navajo tacos  | Just Rhonda
It’s basically a scone or a donut without a hole (and no icing or anything) with a taco toppings on top! You could read more about them here or here. But really it’s some deep fried sweet dough topped with the taco guts on top. Easy peasy! And you can convince your kids to try them when you tell them it’s a no hole donut with some stuff on top. That is unless you have kids who actually just eat what you make. And if that’s the case I am extremely jealous of you.

Have you tried these or heard of them before?