I have one Jewish friend.
Well technically he is Regan’s friend.
From Medical School.
(And some times he reads this thing…. so Hi Asaph!!!)

I mean I grew up in Southern Alberta.
There isn’t a big Jewish population in Hill Spring.
When I grew up there it was Mormons and a few not any religions.
I don’t know about know since when I visit there I don’t know half of the people there. And even the ones I did know, I don’t recognize them. (Actually a young adult came up to me and said hello today and I was thinking he was being overly nice to a tired-yoga-pant-pony-tail-not-much-makeup mother carting around three kids. But he was a (a very handsome) guy (which is weird to call him that since the last time I saw him he was like 12) from Hill Spring walking by and noticed it was me and stopped to say hello and let my kids pet his beautiful chocolate lab dog.)

Anyways, back to my Jewish friend.
(Since we are friends on facebook I can call him my friend right?)
Today I made something for my MSBH challenge called Rugelach.

It is very different from anything I’ve ever made before! The dough kind of felt like too soft sugar cookie dough. waaaay to soft. Like add more flour soft. But I did what the recipe said. And let the dough sit in the fridge overnight. You can add dried fruit, nuts or chocolate (or a combo of all three) for the filling. The chocoholic in me opted for nuts and chocolate. 🙂


I have no idea if I made them right.
I need my one Jewish friend to try them out. And tell me if they are close to what they are supposed to be.
Too bad you live in Calgary Asaph! 🙂

Alden trying one. He seemed to enjoy it.

And just cause they were looking cute after the bath, a blurry but still cute photo…

MSHB Challenge #6