jan11 - Independence
This year one of my goals is to teach more life skills to my kids. I am reading a book right now about teaching my kids to work and it really had some things in it that really stuck with me. The point of parenting is to prepare my kids for adulthood. To be capable, able adults. If I am not teaching them things, then I am giving them MORE problems in the future. Yes it can be more work. But is it worth it. Yes.

So this year one of the skills I am going to teach is cooking. Each week they will each help cook one meal. They can pick whatever they want to make but it can’t be cheeseburgers every week for Alden and chicken nuggets every week for Lucy. They have to try new things. Alden will be Tuesdays and Lucy will be Wednesdays.

Alden’s was last night. He picked stuffed manicotti and garlic toast with fresh veggies. We worked together and he was totally excited. He first wanted stuffed shells but I didn’t have shells so I showed him manicotti and how it was the same just a different shape. And he said great. The best part is, he totally ate it and so did Lucy.

After I was thinking, maybe the way I have gone about trying to get my kids to eat has been all wrong. If they are more involved with the picking and making perhaps they’ll be more involved in the eating too.