Jord Watches

Totally wanna share my about my new beautiful watch!!! I’ve been wanting a Jord watch for a while now. And luckily they asked if I wanted one for a review. And since my big 40th birthday is next week I decided it can be a present to myself! Isn’t it sooo pretty! It comes in this beautiful box that you  keep so the wood is kept looking lovely.

I really love the way it looks. Especially with my favourite bag from Timber and Hide! The wooden arm is made to fit for size. So it fits me perfectly.

This is a direct link to my watch if you like the dark green watch face. It’s currently one of my favourite colours so I was excited about it!

I was going to get my hubby one for Christmas, cause they have GREAT men’s ones  but in the end I decided to be selfish. HA! So many good ones in the women’s too!! 

They’re having a Black Friday sale too! So if you don’t know what to get your hubby for Christmas, get him one of these lovely watches. You can even get it engraved!

If you decided that you want one too here is a 25% discount code you can use!

Wooden Wrist Watch

Now go have a look and tell me which one is your favourite!!!

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