Julie and Mike are getting married

Isnt’ love so grand?! That’s what I was thinking while I was taking these pictures in this lovely light with this lovely couple. I am so so happy for Julie. She comes from one of my favourite families. And I’m so happy she found someone to love and cherish her. They go so nicely together.

These two both served missions in Australia and recently got home. And they met at an Australia party that she planned with his friend. And then he asked his friend if he was gonna ask her out and if not he was going too. He did shortly after.

She noticed him and thought he was cute……… so she avoided him at first. And when she says this he laughs at how silly that is.

One of their favourite dates was when they climbed bears hump in Waterton. He had packed a cute lunch with her favourite fruits and chocolate bars.

She says he is a hard worker and is a leader. And he says that she is someone everyone loves.

She says that his quiet nature that people sometimes don’t notice his humour but that she really enjoys it.

Together they are moving to Edmonton for her to go to school in the fall for Court reporting and he is going to work for a year before going to school for Landscaping.He has opened her car door every time since they met.

And on another side note….this photo session was one of my favourites of all time. I wish more people would realise that the light is SO important. The feeling in these pictures comes from a couple things and one major one is the lovely light that comes only in the evening before sunset. The mountains are always amazing in Waterton but the way they look at sunset is a whole different feeling. Light matters. And so does love 😉

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  • August 1, 2017 - 4:14 pm

    Ina Jean Meldrum - What amazing pictures of a fantastic couple. You’re so talented Rhonda. Thanks for sharing. We love you Julie & Mike 💕