at the disaster in this room.
In the Play Zone
I see mess. Lots and lots of mess.
But do you know what they see?
A tent for hiding in. A town where the villagers were escaping from something.
They rig up these crazy play scenes where they take out (it seems) every possible toy.
It doesn’t matter if they are Alden’s toys or Lucy’s toys. Boy or girl toys. Every thing gets mixed into a big story. And tons of things take on new roles. I wish I had taken a picture of the polly pocket dresses. All the polly pockets seemed to have lost their heads and instead of throwing them away, Lucy and Alden have started using doll hair brushes and the people and putting the dressed on those. Alden took apart those little foam hair curlers and was using the foam part as logs. They take random objects that I need for something, like the lid to a bottle in the fridge and make it into a wheel on a new car. Or the tie on Lucy’s dress that I can’t seem to find was turned into the rope that tied down the villagers. They make up stories and adventures and play for HOURS.

This picture was from a Sunday after noon (hence the church clothes) where they, no joke, played together in Alden’s room for 5 hours without any problems or leaving. They just play and play and play together. Alden was upset Sunday night about having to go to school. Because it will mean a dent in his play time. These two are serious about their play.

School will be an adjustment.
Thankfully they both came home happy from school today and loved every minute of it.