I feel like I’ve had this list in my mind for a while. Things to get through or get accomplished before #5 comes along. Now I can get ready for the baby. Things to buy and rooms to set up. Perhaps a little nesting to do.

In the past 3 weeks since I haven’t been posting things have been moving along. And I haven’t been posting. For a few reasons. I’ll just glaze over the highlights (or lowlights) of all that have gone on.

1. Ward Christmas Dinner. I was in charge of all the food. I think it worked out okay. It was a meal for around 120-150. But I planned for 200. By the end of the evening I wasn’t walking so well. I had lots of help which made things better. Regan was on call that day (of course) but was able to get his dad to cover for a couple hours so he could come up to the church and help me. I had a lot of people comment on how I should have said no when they asked and why did they ask such a pregnant person and all kinds of things like that. It was all silliness that I said yes looking back. Any other time I’d love to do it. But it was a bit hard on my ol’ pregnant self. I tried to take it easy while still doing it. So I think I did make a compromise.. in my own Rhonda way.

2. Davis Day of Family fun. Every year the Saturday before Christmas we have a big day with all my sibs and their families and my parents. This year we did a breakfast at our house, then my mom made cake pops with all the grandkids ( every year she does a cookie decorating thing and this year they mixed it up a bit), then lunch, then we rented the WestWinds Gymnastics club in Lethbridge, then back to our house for dinner and a movie for the kiddos and games for the adults. The next day we had our turkey dinner here at our house again. The only downside was that I was feeling awful.

3. I got a bladder infection that turned into a kidney infection. I was sick. I mean I’ve got the shakes, no appetite, white as a ghost, I can’t move, my pelvis is going to explode kind of sick. I was terrible. And it made me very very glad for medication that made me feel 1000000% better.

4. I got an ipad for Christmas. Totally it’s awesome.

5. Someone stole my credit card number. And used it to buy airplane tickets on AirBerlin, along with some zoo tickets, some stuff from Bed, Bath and Beyond and Groupon. Totally and utterly lame. Good thing RBC helped us out and are taking care of it.

6. Treats, Treats and more treats. That’s what we’ve had around the house. Lots of Christmas goodies. And I didn’t feel like eating any of it.

7. My belly is getting bigger every day. At least according to my kids. Lucy told me she thought it got bigger from morning until bedtime. And Eli called me Tubby-Wubby. Nice.

8. Oliver started sleeping through the night. I don’t want to jinx it but it’s been 4 whole nights and it is glorious.

9. Alden got more lego that a boy could want for Christmas. And has spent lots of time building.

10. Lucy got an American Doll. Which she loves.

11. Eli got a red sled. Just what he wanted. And a train set that he hasn’t played with once. And he’s been asking to play with friends every day on the Christmas break and doesn’t get why kids are just hanging out waiting to play with him.

12. We’ve seen lots of family and it’s been fun. (And noisy.)

13. I have been doing so very little from lack of energy. And that had a lot to do with the lack of posting. I wasn’t sure what to share. So I stayed quiet. And I think this has been my longest quiet time on my blog in years!

14. I’ve had multiple doctor appointments.

15. We had dinner club and it was favorites themed. Tasty.

16. I got to go to my friend Marie’s annual cookie exchange (which was awesome) and a favorites party with a group of  girls (also awesome.). i love that my Lethbridge friends don’t forget about me out here in Ray town.

17. I went to see the last Twilight movie with some friends. It’s been a while since I went to the movie. Last one was the Avengers with Regan. Before that…. who knows!

18. Are you still out there?? And what have YOU been up to?