1. It’s not Tuesday but I’m making a list. If you didn’t know… I looooove lists. A lot.

2.  I’ve been reading a book called Desperate and I wish I was reading it with a group of moms so we could discuss it. I’ve tried to engage Regan a couple times about it… but he’s not a mom 🙂

3. I’m been trying to get back into the routine of all of the stuff of the fall. Cello, piano, basketball, cubs. And kindergarten and now I’m helping out on the Parent council at school. It’s a lot of stuff. But I am happy to do it all. Just trying to navigate all of it. And often I am hit with a woah… there are five kids around here to do all these things for. 5 kids to feed & wash clothes for (and  bedding and towels) & cleaning up & teaching about chores & clip all those toe nails and finger nails. (Hence the reading that book on #2.)

4. I’ve realized that if I want Alden to act older and mature then I need to treat him like that. So I’ve started. It’s small but it’s somewhere. It’s starting with him  going to bed 20-30 minutes after the others. It’s small but I’m hoping it says to him (and the others) “Hey he’s older than you.” Responsibility in a small way. But it’s a beginning! (And really if you knew me well you’d know sleep is kind of a big deal to me! So it’s really says something in my books :))

5. I have been trying to drop my library books off for like a week now and still not returned! Shesh!

6. We are getting family pictures done this year and I’m picking out outfits and I got some really cute stuff!! (I love clothes shopping and there are lots of people to dress around here!)