Thinking about motherhood and sacrifice and how intertwined they are. And how grateful I am for all my mother did for me every day.

Craving some alone time. And sleep. I’m always craving sleep.

Wanting my new bed to get here. Today! I am soooo excited! We got a new bed in August as a happy anniversary to us present. And the new bed was too firm and I have had a constant back ache and head ache since then. (I can’t even explain how bad it is…) So I went back into the store (we paid extra to be able to exchange it if it wasn’t comfy) and ordered a softer one and it is FINALLY coming today. And I am about going crazy. My plans this afternoon?? A NAP.

Making plans for going to Vancouver in November with Regan for a medical conference. Still gotta work out some details but I am really really really really really looking forward to it!

Loving wearing tunics and leggings. It’s my favorite kind of outfit.

Listening to the newest Lower Lights CD. Check them out!

Working on Norah’s Project Life  album and loving how it is coming along. And how easy it is to do a spread here and there. I love too that my craft desk is set up in Norah’s room and that I can work on it and not put everything away all the time!