Well the past two weeks I’ve been swamped. But I’m back.

Baking lots of stuff for two different Super Saturdays (It’s a big day of crafts and cooking usually close to Christmas at Church) for two different wards (congregations). I taught one class on puff pastry and all the lovely, yummy things you can make with it. And another one on cookies. We did French Macarons and decorated Gingerbread men and sugar cookies. The funny thing is they both ended up in one week. (One was called a “wonderful” Wednesday.) It was fun to make up some recipes for the puff pastry one. I’ll share one or two soon.

Reading a few books here and there when I find the time. Mostly it’s either at night or when I am breastfeeding. Just finished reading One Thousand White Women. At first I wanted it to end different, but after a few days it has settled with me and I get why it ended the way it did.


Thinking a lot about the upcoming Christmas season. I am feeling that we have too much stuff around our house. Too many things. A strong urge to simplify and get rid of lots of things. And since it is close to Christmas I frankly have no idea what to do about presents for my kids. I feel like they have to much already. I’m trying to figure out the right balance in it all. Which is HARD.

Listening to Christmas music already. For some people it’s not already, but at our house it is. I wait to have November first. Usually waiting until after my birthday. But we are just listening to the music. Mostly the Lower Lights album Come Let Us Adore him¬†and Mindy Gledhill’s Winter Moon. I love them both!

Capturing more of life lately. I’ve been wanting to dabble doing videos of my kids for a while. I took some video last week while playing in Oliver’s room with him & Norah. Hopefully I’ll find the time soon to play around with it. I did my 15 on the 15th too. I just need to edit them and get a post up.

Recording more memories with my Project Life album. Just need to take pictures of that to share too. I’ve had a few people ask me how I find the time. I really leave it out on my lovely craft desk (my brother built it for me) and I do a little bit here and there. I got a whole whack of pictures printed and then as much as possible I spend 20 minutes here and 10 minutes there and since it is such an easy way to record your family life, it comes together. If you want to learn more about Project Life this upcoming weekend Becky Higgins (the creator of it) will be on Creative Live and you can watch for free if you register and log in and watch as she uses a kit to record memories. It looks like it’s a whole weekend about documenting life.

What have you been up too?





2 thoughts on “Lately

  1. A couple years ago we went on a trip during Christmas holidays. It was a bit different, but we all loved it. We saw grandparents, did stockings etc on xmas eve and then on Christmas morning we drove to the airport.

    Definitely a way to have fewer tangible gifts. I don’t guarantee that you’d save money doing the trip instead.
    Although, if you fly out on Christmas day, it’s a bit cheaper.

    Another option, give your kids gifts that self-destruct: candy, food (elania and brayden were thrilled that santa brought them pizza pops last year)

  2. Two years ago I did the same thing, thinking our kids have so much stuff and now with six kids in the house there is even more, so for both birthdays and Christmas was try to find stuff to do with them instead of things. We are doing Disney on Ice, Harlemglobtotters, Calgary Hitmen, Stampeders, Theatre Calgary – Mary Poppins, and watching for any concerts that are coming. The kids also know when we go to these events they get to buy one thing usually a T-shirt and then if they want more they have to bring their own money and buy it. The kids all love it and really other then a few bigger or special gifts do you remember what you got for Christmas, I don’t but my kids remember every concert and play they go to.

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