We are settled. Well mostly. There are piles of boxes around. But most of the kitchen is put away. Our bedroom is put away. There is still lots to do and I am sure there will be for a while. Lots to do around the house to make it say “THE STEEDS” live here. But that is what happens when you move. No land line yet. (Way to go Telus!)

Some people kind of gave me a hard time about moving here. “Why would you want to leave Lethbridge…” “Living the dream…” “Small town living…” etc. And I admit some of it totally makes me nervous. I had a good group of friends in Lethbridge. Lots of wonderful ladies I will miss seeing as regularly as I did. And lots of people we saw every week at church that I will miss seeing every week. (Good thing we didn’t move far and that all those people can still easily be seen.) Yes getting used to the store closing at 6pm will be hard. No late night runs to Safeway for Regan (although really he could still run into Lethbridge easily!).

We moved in on Thursday and Friday Regan was on call. On Friday after the kids were home from school, Regan showed up for lunch. And then after we had all gone to bed around midnight or so, Regan crawled into bed with me. THAT is why we live here. For the past six months (or more) him being on call just means no Regan and that I am completely on my own. It’s true there will be some days of on call that the kids might not see him. But at some point he’ll come home in the middle of the night and crawl into bed with me and we’ll talk. My mother in law told me that she learned long ago that the kids could go a few days without seeing dad better than she could go without seeing her husband. And I totally agree. Even if I only see him when I am half asleep and i am mumbling about my legs being sore or whatever, I saw him. And that’s what I need. Regan.

As for everything else, I’ve got a family session and two weddings to finish editing and a house to put together. And have a baby. Somewhere in there it’ll all get done. I have lots of ideas of things I want to do with our house and all that. But in reality I need to just make it livable for a while, get my editing done and then have a baby. Hopefully sooner than later on all accounts ūüôā

And since a post is more fun with a picture….. I haven’t been keeping up on my 365 lately…. things have been a little um… crazy… here’s an oldie but a goodie. The kids with Reg on Father’s Day.

june19: father's day 2011