When I was little one of my memories was of green bread for Saint Patrick’s day. Often there was green scrambled eggs too. This was pre Pinterest. (It was pre Internet…. hahahaha) Often lately I am more and more amazed at the things my mom did. So this year I’m sharing this fun little idea with my kids and with you too.

I have a bunch of mini loaf pans (they were my moms too… so she was probably using the same pans). I made one big loaf but most of the loaves were small. Just use your favorite bread recipe and add some green food coloring. I used the paste food coloring so I added it right into my liquid and then added the flour as usual.

 And we had enough to share so I made some little printable tags that could be attached, wrapped them in plastic and sent my kids off to deliver them to neighbors. I made these little printables you can download and attach to your loaves if you’d like.

Go here to download a page of them and then I just added some cute Washi tape along the bottom.

We really don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day usually. But this year, I thought it was fun to introduce something small but fun that my mom did for me when I was a kid. On the actual day I’ll send some sandwiches made out of the bread.

And what would a leprechaun have in their sandwich? Chocolate of COURSE!

I like doing things for my kids that my mom did for me. It makes it more special in my mind. 🙂

Do you do anything to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?