A month or so ago it was our anniversary. I was going about my day trying to get my list done, trying to get things ready so that we could go out for the evening and I was even working on my Week in the Life pictures since that was smack in the middle of that too. My usual go to is a few things on the go. Regan and I had not boughten each other gifts since we were going on a trip shortly. To us that was our anniversary present to each other. (And I’d totally take a trip any day!)

Right in the midst of getting ready to leave on our evening date, Lucy said she needed to just give me something. She ran down to her room and came upstairs with these cutest little people. Me and Regan on our wedding day.

Lucy is a gift giver. She is a gift giver from the heart. She thought on her own to do this and went about and did it. I have learned a few lessons from being on the receiving end of these gifts and also from watching her give them to other people.

  1. Gifts from the heart mean more. Giving a gift just for the action mean less than something that is thought out. Think about the person that you are giving too. For some people that is harder to think of something good, but the more we know and love someone and spend time with them
  2. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to mean something. Case in point, these sweet little people.
  3. Just Do it. Don’t just think about it. As a wise woman Camilla Kimball said “never suppress a generous thought.” Thought of something kind to do for someone else? Do it. It’ll make everyone’s day better!

I love this sweet girl of mine and her big heart. And I want to follow her example and do more of this.