Last week I shared how to make Lime Curd as well as a few ideas of how to use it. Well this week I wanted to share one thing that you can use lime curd for. This lovely cheesecake. I love a good cheesecake. It’s one of my favorite desserts. This one, I think, is pretty good too.


It’s got lime zest, lime juice and even lime yogurt in it so the base cheesecake is limey. But then wha-bam, you add on the lime curd and it’s some serious lime taste.



I used low fat cream cheese for two of the blocks, which lowers the fat content. I think in a dessert like this you can’t tell when you switch out the low fat for the regular cream cheese.

LimeCurdCheesecake-5If you didn’t want to use lime, (but WHY??) you could change it to lemon zest, lemon juice, lemon curd. Or even orange. mmmm. Now that sounds tasty. An orange curd cheesecake. Next time!  But for now, try this one out!

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