So since I just had a new baby girl, she’s on my mind. And to me she’s totally fresh. Freshly delivered from God.

Here she is Norah Lee. Born Tuesday, Jan 22, 2013 at 12:15 am in Lethbridge Alberta. 8 pounds 14 ounces and 21.5 inches long.

(Regan some and I took some.)

Three funny things to add:

1. When Regan was home again with the kids on Tuesday morning one of them said to him, “well I guess the doctor got it wrong. She wasn’t born on the 21st she was born on the 22nd.”

2. While sitting in church on the 20th all of a sudden Eli looked up and said “WAIT, you mean tomorrow we get to just have the baby? The day is tomorrow and we just get the girl baby?”

3. At school Alden’s class participates in something called Roots of Empathy. Where a mom (actually his teacher from last year) brings in her baby and the kids talk about his growth and development and about babies and such. So Alden has been learning a lot about babies. So while sitting in the hospital holding Norah for the first time he says to me “so mom, are you feeding with breast or bottle?” No the usual question from a 10 year old boy ūüôā

Three things about the labour and delivery:

1. I had an insane amount of amniotic fluid. Like insane.

2. It took roughly 8 hours. Just like every other one of my labors.

3. As soon as she was out and I was cleaned up I said to Regan “I am so happy I am NEVER doing that again… ever.” I meant labor and delivery AND pregnancy. So happy that those things are now out of my life and I can move on to raising this family of mine.

Quite a few people have asked about Oliver and how he is adjusting. Really I am not sure. He has been sick (along with Eli and me) so it’s hard to tell if he is out of sorts cause he is sick or cause there is a small noisy thing that mom seems to constantly be holding. He is very very interested in her. And I can tell that Norah will not be getting much time out of my constant care or she’ll get hurt. He pokes and squishes and is just wondering about her. He was mad this morning she was in the crib that he used to crawl into and walk around. And when I was feeding her this morning he was trying to weasel his way in between us. So yes, it’ll be an adjustment. But I was expecting that!

Three other random things:

1. I have loved her name for a long time. It’s been on my list since I was pregnant with Eli. Finally got a little girl to use it on. Lee is my middle name and my mom’s too.

2. Lucy is beyond excited about a sister. On Wednesday when she got home her first sentence was “On saturday can I pick out her outfit?” and quickly followed by “can I hold her? Where is she?” Which is what she asks every other day since we came home.

3. Alden has been so very helpful. And for that I am so grateful. He is trying to help out with all of the other kids and I really really appreciate his tender heart and that he wants to help me by helping the kids.

We sure love her and are so glad she is here.


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