Linked 52: Faces

Tracey did one this morning of her Bean. And here is one of Norah. I love these kind of collections! 🙂 I did a post forever ago of Lucy’s faces.

Cute outfit from Old Navy (thanks Christal!) and cute headband from Hopscotch Boutique 


linked 2013 is a monthly blog project. check out what faces looks like to these ladies linking up with me this month:

 AmandaCarlaHanneHeather,  JanetJennTracey and Tracy


7 thoughts on “Linked 52: Faces

  1. Red and navy be my favorite little girl color (and I’m a pirate???)
    Ooo, and stripes to boot! I can pass up pink easy, but red and navy gets me every time. Now to just have a girl…

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