My kids are lucky in the fact that grandma lives close and plays piano. So she teaches them piano lessons. Last year we started Alden and waited with Lucy. Now Lucy is gungo-ho and loves it. It is funny to see how with a lot of things (reading, homework, cleaning her bedroom, and now piano) Lucy is often just more willing. Alden will do those things but it all comes with a lot of pleading and some (or a lot) of complaining. It is WORK to get him to do any of those things. Really anything he doesn’t want to do.

Lucy wants to do all those things. She asked to practice piano. She was begging piano lessons to start. And I have some sneaking suspicion that this is another thing that is going to come easily to her. Just like reading did. She just seems to pick things up. I wonder sometimes if Alden notices or if it bothers him at all. One really great thing Alden was blessed with is his ability to be so comfortable with himself. He knows who he is and I hope that he keeps that. And that no matter how easily things come to Lucy, both of them will be happy with who they are and what they can do.



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