Well I was kind of stuck when I first read this prompt. I am more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. Sometimes I TRY and plan. But then I’ll forget my plan and make up something else along the way. But the one thing I do plan a lot is our menu. Which brings me to my picture…


I use my calendar to plan which meals when depending on call schedule for Regan or dinner guests or holidays or date night or whatever is coming up. And I have these two note pads I bought at Chapters that I love and then a pile of cookbooks. (The top one I made with my grandma’s recipes in it.) I feel like my life is more in control when I know ahead of time what we are eating when. There are lots of areas where I just plan old operate just going with the flow, but food just ain’t one of them. I guess I am too serious about food. Not to say that I don’t bake a lot of unplanned things. I bake a whole lot of everything planned and unplanned. But our meals, they are thought out ahead of time. And I love doing it too. Lots of planning ūüôā

I find that if I don’t menu plan I spend more money buying things. Like these that I picked up a the store this week with OUT a menu plan. (But they were yummy!)


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