Well I went for something totally different for me this week. And really that is kind of the point of this linked thing. To try new things. So here are my shadows. I never really noticed the pockets of light that come into my home until after my photography class I took with Wendy. But now, I could tell you which part of my home gets light at what time of day, the angle, how sharp or soft it is. Really something essential for a photographer to notice.

It’s not that I didn’t know the light was there. I did. I saw it but really not in the same way. It changed my perspective on the light around me and in my life. Really there is a comparison to the rest of my life. In lots of areas.

But the one area in my life lately that it seems I am noticing or made more aware of lately is being a mom. I feel like in a lot of ways I already chose motherhood. I have known since I was a child that when I grew up  I wanted to be a mom. I’ve known it my whole life. We have four kids. Now a days that is a “large” family. A comment getting large family. (Which is funny to think back to my mother and her going anywhere with seven kids following behind her.) And now we are having another baby. A total surprise. I thought we were done. Well, to be honest I hoped we were done. I was waiting for God to say “yes, that’s everybody, go on with raising them now.” And instead we got a surprise.

God is helping me choose motherhood even more than I was before. Helping me to see that true joy comes when my baby is first placed in my arms or hearing my kids play kindly with each other or hearing son bear his testimony because he wanted to not because his mom told him too. I am seeing those little pockets of light and happiness and love in my own life more. Does that mean I’ve been totally happy since finding out? NO! I wish I was that good. I need to work on my response when others find out I am expecting so that I answer with more of a “yes, we are so excited” instead of a “yea, can you believe it? It’s TOTALLY nuts!”

I know the next year is going to be insane. I will have 5 kids. 10 and under. With the last two swished up together 16 months apart. That’s nuts-o. But God wanted this baby to come to our home. Another pocket of light.


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