This month I was struggling to thing of what to take. And I have been struggling with parenting. And then they came together in my mind.

Parenting is anything but simple. Some days I wish it was a little more simple. Trying to figure out the right thing to do and when. I think real consequences for actions are the best “punishment” for kids actions. But sometimes figuring out what the right real life consequences are isn’t so simple. When they are small it’s the best time for them to figure out what happens when you make a bad decision. Cause their decisions are smaller. I’d rather a kid stole a chocolate bar when they are eight than a car when they are 18. (Not that we’ve had a kid do that -but it gets my point across.)

Really lately I’ve been trying to let things go that don’t matter. Saying yes more often. But when your child is constantly pushing boundaries and literally asking for things ALL DAY long. Like asking and then changing his mind as soon as you make the food he wanted. Or, let’s say, as soon as you build an entire track for his cars which takes you 25 minutes while you hold a crying baby and then he says nah I don’t really want to do that anymore… can you build me a train track…… I mean… hypothetically speaking….. That is so …. um … maddening.

Or let’s say, your child keeps doing things you have asked him not to do… and he’s been punished for over and over and over. Like turning on the water on the side of you house and leaving it on for days…. or let’s say…. completely destroying his siblings lego creations that they spent considerable time on just because he felt like it….. I mean, hypothetically speaking of course. Trying to help these special little people grow up and be able to navigate the world out there in a positive, righteous way… that’s anything but simple. It’s an all consuming task. Never mind the little details of just keeping everyones toe nails clipped and clothes clean and mouths fed.

More and more lately I am trying to remember that I am trying to raise some very special spirits. Specially sent to ME. That is overwhelming and scary to realize. I want to love them and try to parent them right. If I love them, it should make it more simple. Love them and hold them close. Simply put, it’s my job to love them and try my best. To work at parenting in a positive and loving way.


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