This weeks theme works perfectly with something I’ve been meaning to blog about. We had a get together in BC for my grandma. She turned 90 back in February but we had the celebration in BC in the community she lived in for years. The drive out was beautiful, as I remember it.

We stopped at Frank’s slide on the way out so the kids could climb around. I was trying to set up the camera in my van on a car seat to take a picture of our family on the rocks (since I forgot my tripod)… but between the wind and how far away the van was and how long my focus was and all that. This shot with Lucy’s head  cut off was the only one that was in focus…. whoops. HA!

The neat thing about the weekend was that it was also the blossom festival. So there was a parade on Saturday morning.

And then we went to the pool to have some fun too. GREAT pool there!

Then we went back to my brother & SIL’s camp site. (They brought their trailer…. we stayed in a motel… which was…. interesting)

Then after the church on Sunday was a big family affair. Grandma was pleased as punch.

This is my grandma and all her living kids. (One passed away a couple years ago)

Grandma and her sister Aunt Fay.

And Oliver and his favorite find of the day…. (Lucy’s too!) My cousin Garth’s girlfriends dog. The kind of dog that makes you want a dog (but no I don’t want a dog….)

My cousins who were there (missing one that left earlier). And yes I have a LOT more. Just me and my one brother Brad were there from our family.

The next generation down. I’d like you to notice Eli in the front…. he really hates pictures.

Last evening before we came home, we had a campfire in the campground where a lot of family was staying. My mom just stayed in our room so I could put the kids to bed and leave them  there. It was a really nice time to hang out!!

It was a great weekend. But I was glad to get home to my own bed.

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