Listography: List 10: If I Could I Would…..

When i read the topic my first thought was something my mom used to say…. If I could I would, but I can’t so I shan’t. 🙂

1. Attend a workshop with a photographer I love. There are lots I’d love to choose from!

2. Build the house of my dreams on an acreage (preferably WITH a horse)

3. Pay off all our debt tomorrow.

4. Shoot for magazines or commercial work for clothing companies and such.

5. Sleep in everyday.

6. Go see the Mona Lisa.

7. Hire someone to clean my house once a week.

8. Have a catering business.

9. Go on a girl’s trip with some good friends (and pay for their way too.)

10. Run a decorating business for weddings. oooohhh that’d be fun!!

11. Have a big studio. With large windows, white walls, a couple brick walls and lots of space for photography, space for doing art and all that.

12. Dress my kids in really nice clothes.

13. Upgrade my camera to the D700.

14. Adopt a group of siblings.

15. Visit Africa and help out somehow. Build a well, provide medical care, fundraise money for them, take pictures for a non profit organization to raise money for needy kids.

16. Become a serious gardner. With flower beds and a herb garden and a huge vegetable patch.

17. Rent a house on PEI for my family and my friend Kelly’s family to stay at for a week in the summer.

18. Take singing lessons.

19. Get a family or couple photo shoot with each Tara Whitney, Maria Lang, Jose Villa, Shannon Sewell, Jasmine Star and Brooke Snow. (not all at once, just over the course of time)

20. Decorate my house how I see it in my head!

21. Write a cookbook.

I know most of these are not going to happen but I can still dream.


7 thoughts on “Listography: List 10: If I Could I Would…..

  1. Know what I would do? I’d open a children’s bookstore. I even have the name for it: The Little Bookworm. I’d have free storytimes on Saturday mornings, book clubs for kids to join, and we’d do work shops on special days throughout the year that would focus on different author’s works. Like a Beatrix Potter day, a JK Rowling day, an Eric Carle day, etc. I’d hire kids to read a book and write a book review when a new release came out and we’d post their reviews on the wall. I’d have a big front window display that would showcase books of the season. I’d have black and white checked tile floors, and a dark wooden cash counter that had scroll work along the sides. And I’d have little hole-punch member ship cards for kids under 12 where after they’d bought and read twenty books, they’d get a $10 gift card for the store.

    (Not that I’ve ever really thought about it or anything!)

  2. This list is so you!! And it’s a a very good list of dreams. I love reading posts like this – helps me know my friends so much more. I hope the next weeks go smoothly and everything works out. Hard to believe that Regan is almost finished his training – I remember when you guys were debating if he should even start the whole process! Enjoy the snacks Lucy is making for you!!

  3. I’ve partially done #6 (except we all paid our own way) and it was one of the best things I have ever done!!! So when the kiddos get older, plan for it! And the gardening one, I have done that one, but it’s a crazy (although rewarding) amount of work with little kids ‘helping’. It’s nice to have goals – keep working towards them, some if not all will happen!!!

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