1. Debt free. I’ll love it when we get there 😉

2. Hogwash. Just try working THAT into your every day vocab!

3. Totally. I say it all the time. I always tell every one I am trying to bring back the 90s. And I bet if you hang out with me at all…. you might be saying it too 🙂

4. Fuddy-Duddy. oh yes. Love to hear it. Need to say it more!

5. This week I love the word Mexico. (HA are you all sick of me talking about this yet or WHAT!)

6. Thank you. I love it when people say that. Two wonderful words! My friend Gayle always sends me thank you notes. I want to be like that!

Regan is constantly telling me I talk like an OLD person. I can’t help it. I talk like my mom did and like my grandma did and my great grandma did. 🙂 After I say something he’ll say what? what is that? No one says that!

But he’s not around and I am struggling to think of them! 🙂