Listography: List 14: Books I could read over and over and over…..

Before the list a few things…
1. Thanks for the comments on the trip and pictures. It really was nice. Now I am peeling like a mad woman (in fact Alden asked if I had leprosy 🙂 )
2. Check out this giveaway on my friend Kathy’s blog. She’s already given away a couple but if she gets 75 comments she’ll do another!
3. And my other friend Catherine is having a blog birthday give away too… here

Now on to the list!
Well I missed two lists in my trip / blogging break. I might make them up later so that at the end of the year I have them all.

1. Book of Mormon & Bible. Of course I have to say that 🙂 hahaha I DO read them over and over.

2. The Harry Potter Series.

3. The Creative Family by Amanda Soule

4. Streams to the River, River to the Sea by Scott O’Dell. I have loved this book since I was a KID! I wish I had a copy!

5. I could list a whole pile of cookbooks that I read parts of again and again. But I won’t 😉

6. Anne of Green Gables. (or any of the other ones in the series!)

7. A Joyful Mother of Children: The Magic and Mayhem of Motherhood by Linda Eyre. When I am feeling discouraged about my lack of mothering skills I read parts of this book again and again.

How about you??


6 thoughts on “Listography: List 14: Books I could read over and over and over…..

  1. I love to read books but rarely read them over and over. (unless you count the ones I read to the kids) Movies are a different story. Harry Potter-yes. Cookbooks-Yes. (Does that count?) Gardening books-Yes. I like reference books…weird.

  2. Okay I totally love Linda Eyre. I loved that book…just got the newest one they put out and I’ve re-read the one A Mother’s Book of Secrets by her and her daughter ALL the time!

    Harry Potter…Um of course!

    I love to re-read all my teen fiction series. Yes including Twilight. But The Hunger Games…so good, The Mortal Instruments…so good! I could go on forever! I just read Tocsa Reno’s Your Best Body now and I currently have like 7 books in my pile to get to. Now I just want to drop everything and get to them! But I have like those kids and stuff to do an such…

  3. I’m still trying to finish the last Harry Potter book before the last movie comes out, but I haven’t gotten very far…

    Loved the Traveller’s Wife and could read it over and over again.

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